A recent study suggests that Osteoarthritis is the leading ailment in Pakistan in terms of number of patients. When Osteoarthritis is found in Knee is known as Knee Osteoarthritis. Till recently there was no treatment available which may reverse the degenerating process of cartilage of Knees which is the main cause of Knee Osteoarthritis. The ultimate cure to Knee Osteoarthritis is to repair or regenerate the damaged cartilage of the Knee.

For the first time in Pakistan, Cytotron machine based on a new Hi-tech revolutionary RFQMR (Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance) technology has been introduced for the treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis. Successful clinical trials have proved that knee joint cartilage can be regenerated and repaired by RFQMR based Tissue Engineering Technology with Cytotron Therapy.

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As this treatment utilizes sub radio and near radio frequency therefore there is virtually no side effect.

The International Commission for Non-lonising Radiation Protection has certified RFQMR Radiofrequency Bandwidth as clinically safe.

Using the Knee Society Scoring System and Dynamometry, the patients were re-examined after prescribed treatment on various parameters like Pain Score, Range of Movement, Total Knee Score, Total Functional Score including Cartilage Thickness.
The study showed significant improvement on Total Functional Score based on internationally accepted standards.

  What is Knee Osteoarthritis?
Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common degenerative joint disease prevalent in Pakistan. Cartilage which acts as a cushion between bones and joints begins to wear out causing inflammation & pain in the joints.

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